There are the two main methods for making beef jerky: drying and smoking. Drying meat in a smoker will add a smoky flavor to the beef jerky, but a smoker can also add smokiness without dehydration. The various methodologies for creating beef jerky are as follows:

Beef Jerky drying methods:

  • Sun-dry: Although sun-drying is a time-honored technique, it is not recommended for beef jerky, except for very lean beef. In order to successfully sun-dry meats, you must live in an arid, hot, sunny area with good breezes. The potential for food poisoning is not worth the risk.

  • Oven-dry: In general, the oven works fairly well for drying beef jerky. However, it is important that the heat setting be as low as you can make it. Do not use the broiling element. The lowest bake setting should do the trick with most ovens. If your broiler element comes on even at the lowest bake setting, you can place a cookie sheet or heavy-duty foil on the top shelf to help deflect the heat. If your oven is not vented, leave the oven door ajar by placing a wooden spoon in the opening to hold it open. You may find it necessary to have a fan blowing toward the open door to encourage air circulation. Do not overload the oven. In general, optimum drying temperature is 140 degrees F.

  • Dehydrator: These machines usually have multiple layers of stacking trays. In general, they operate at 140 degrees F., but keep in mind that the lower trays will get more heat than the top trays. As such, you’ll need to keep an eye on your beef jerky and rotate the trays from top to bottom regularly, at least at one-hour intervals and perhaps even every half hour, depending on the food. As it approaches the final stage, you may need to reduce the heat by ten degrees to avoid scorching. Meat should be arranged a single layer deep per each tray with no edges overlapping.

  • Microwave: Although you will find some recipes for jerky made in the microwave, it is generally not recommended due to uneven heating.

Beef Jerky is one age old snack that just might prove to be the wave of the future. I’m not referring to the next freshman class at the prestigious institution of higher learning location in Malibu, nor am I trying to start a discussion about the great green hope that is supposed give renewed hope for energy crisis. I am simply asserting my assumptions regarding the ever prevalent possibility of famine. That’s right, famine. In a society of such enormous excess, the ancient biblical notion of a wide spread food shortage is mildly ridiculous or so far removed from our everyday lives that informative commercials about third world hunger strike most late night viewers as comical. I will be the first to admit that seeing a wrinkl...

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Fitness is major concern for many Americans especially around this time of year when everyone has resolved to treat their bodies better than they did the year before. There are several ways to accomplish this including exercise, eating right, getting plenty of rest and removing as much negative stress from your life as possible. In addition to a healthier diet, the size and frequency of meals is another way that you can help boost your metabolism and maintain a higher level of fitness. Snacking has a negative connotation amongst most dieters but in actuality, feeding the body every 1 to 3 hours is ideal keeping your metabolism running high. Buy Beef Jerky and enjoy this tasty, protein rich snack in between meals. Your body also needs car...

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Buy Jerky for yourself, for your children and for the future of our country. Many people were moved by the historic inauguration ceremonies this past week and hopefully the majority of those people will put their positive energy into action. Change has got to come out from the bottom up. Grassroots participation is the only way that our country is going to turn itself around or pick itself by its boot straps or whatever other metaphor you may choose to apply. Our new president has given a fresh face to the executive branch of our government but without widespread participation, the hope and change will be short lived.

Every year we make a laundry list of things we need to change, things we need to stop and things we need to do. We call t...

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There are plenty of Great Deals available when you Buy Beef Jerky online at Purchase Premium Quality Gourmet Beef Jerky Snacks for yourself or as a gift for your friends. The great thing about Eating Jerky is that it is virtually a guilt free snack. First of all, it is high in protein and low in fat so even if you on a strict diet, counting calories, or are just generally health conscious, Beef Jerky is an ideal snack. Whether you are stuck in the car or at the office, enjoying a day at the beach or at the park, fishing, camping or whatever it is nice to have a bag around. Not to mention that its perfect for sharing.

This holiday season give a gift that will satisfy. Buy Beef Jerky for friends, loved ones, and co-workers. ...

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I cannot imagine a fishing trip without fishing poles, bait (worms, cheese, spinning shining things… it doesn’t really matter if they’re biting), beer, my fishing license of course, and Beef Jerky. For me, childhood memories of camping and fishing are always accompanied by pleasant thoughts of that very familiar snack. Shaking the bag to see how many big pieces there are versus the shards and shake. Opening the bag close to my nose making sure I get a good whiff of that smoky, sweet or spicy aroma.

I’m not talking about those reddish looking square nuggets or those suspicious link-shaped items that some manufacturers try to pass off as Beef Jerky. I’m talking about the real thing; made from real Beef Briske...

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There are thousands upon thousands of ways to make your own jerky. From the type of meat your use and how you choose to slice it to the type of seasonings you prefer and what method of drying or curing you think is best. There are so many different Beef Jerky Recipes floating around out there, how can one ever decide which is right for them? Before you invest in all the supplies and equipment and attempt to make some from scratch I think it is best to do a little preliminary research. Your best bet would be to purchase several different varieties and flavors to see which suits you best, preferably ones that come with the recipe that way when you find the one you like you can re...

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There are many ways to make Homemade Jerky and plenty of online resources each claiming to know the secret to making Great Beef Jerky. Some Beef Jerky Recipes put all the emphasis on the Marinade, insisting that all the magic lies in the ingredients used. Others may tell you that it is necessary to purchase an expensive and complicated dehydrator in order to get the best results. The truth is, it all comes down to personal preference and making your own Beef Jerky is a trial and error affair. Each time you make a new batch, you can experiment with different cuts of meat, you can try different ingredients in the marinade, as well as various drying techniques.

The basic framework for most Beef Jerky Recipes is as follows: 1) start with thi...

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Before jerky became a popular snack for low carb dieters and backpackers: jerky was a source of nutrition for ancient societies. That’s right, jerky, a long-time favorite of meat lovers, has been around for centuries. In fact, drying meat is one of the oldest methods of preservation known to mankind. Jerky has a history.
The history of jerky begins with what was probably an accidental discovery which allowed people to both store food for long periods of time, as well as have a source of nutrition to take with them on journeys.

Interesting Historical Tidbits about Jerky:

Beef jerky is thought to have originated in South America during the 1800s. The Quechua tribe, ancestors of the ancient Inca Empire, produced a meat similar to beef ...

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The Low Carb Snack Craze

With the low carb craze sweeping the nation, turkey jerky is becoming very a popular snack. One of the main reasons is that turkey jerky is a healthy source of protein.

There is less fat in turkey jerky than in beef jerky, making turkey jerky a healthier alternative to beef; and beef jerky itself is already touted as a healthy snack. Turkey jerky, being made from lean turkey is a favorite choice for those looking for a healthy, low-fat and low carb snack. This is good news to the legions of people that follow a low carb diet. Also, many people that are conscious about their health prefer marinating and then smoking their own meat because it affords them the knowledge of exactly what they are consuming.

If you are...

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