Beef Jerky is a staple American snack food but what’s in it?

I cannot imagine a fishing trip without fishing poles, bait (worms, cheese, spinning shining things… it doesn’t really matter if they’re biting), beer, my fishing license of course, and Beef Jerky. For me, childhood memories of camping and fishing are always accompanied by pleasant thoughts of that very familiar snack. Shaking the bag to see how many big pieces there are versus the shards and shake. Opening the bag close to my nose making sure I get a good whiff of that smoky, sweet or spicy aroma.

I’m not talking about those reddish looking square nuggets or those suspicious link-shaped items that some manufacturers try to pass off as Beef Jerky. I’m talking about the real thing; made from real Beef Brisket and Sliced Thin enough to see through! You can tell whether it is quality or not by the grain of the meat; the striations of the muscles should be visible. Starting with Premium Quality meat allows for an all new Jerky experience. It is more than just dried meat sprinkled with red peppers. With a variety of flavors like black pepper, B-B-Que, Spicy and Honey glazed, these Gourmet Snacks are pleasure for the palate and satisfaction for the soul. Some of the best ever made comes from brisket, soft and full of flavor. Most people don’t bother cooking brisket because it is a long process but well worth the wait. Texans and other true bar-b-q connoisseurs know what good brisket is. A lot of California folk prefer filet mignon and tri tip, but wouldn’t know Good Beef Jerky if it walked right out of the woods and stood in front of their car!

In case you have ever wonder exactly what is in that mysterious little white pouch in every bag of Jerky you buy, allow me to explain: It is actually an oxygen absorber and it is filled with iron particles that retain both oxygen and excess moisture that may accumulate in the bag from fat or your greasy hands or maybe the morning dew. Do NOT eat them by mistake! They are there to ensure your snacks stay fresh even after you re-seal the bag.