Beef Jerky Recipes

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There are thousands upon thousands of ways to make your own jerky. From the type of meat your use and how you choose to slice it to the type of seasonings you prefer and what method of drying or curing you think is best. There are so many different Beef Jerky Recipes floating around out there, how can one ever decide which is right for them? Before you invest in all the supplies and equipment and attempt to make some from scratch I think it is best to do a little preliminary research. Your best bet would be to purchase several different varieties and flavors to see which suits you best, preferably ones that come with the recipe that way when you find the one you like you can replicate it. Of course you will need to invest in seasonings, meat, the right knife and maybe even a food dehydrator. You might decide that the whole process is little too involved and that it is easier to just buy it instead of making it. Some people brew their own beer and make their own wine, but I personally do have the patience for all that.

Jedidiah’s Jerky is kind enough to offer helpful and practical suggestions to help anyone desiring to make beef jerky. This makes the whole process much simpler for the consumer. Otherwise you would be stuck trying to reverse engineer the Jerky and that is no simple task. Unless you’ve got superhuman, top chef taste buds and specific knowledge of every seasoning on the market, chances are you will have a very difficult time recreating that Jerky you bought and could not stop eating. The best part about buying your jerky as opposed to trying to make it yourself is that you can enjoy all the different varieties and flavors without having to buy all the different seasonings and spices. Pretty soon, your kitchen would be overrun with Beef Jerky supplies and there would be no room left for the other groceries!