Beef Jerky Recipes: how to slice the meat, prepare the marinade, and dehydrate

There are many ways to make Homemade Jerky and plenty of online resources each claiming to know the secret to making Great Beef Jerky. Some Beef Jerky Recipes put all the emphasis on the Marinade, insisting that all the magic lies in the ingredients used. Others may tell you that it is necessary to purchase an expensive and complicated dehydrator in order to get the best results. The truth is, it all comes down to personal preference and making your own Beef Jerky is a trial and error affair. Each time you make a new batch, you can experiment with different cuts of meat, you can try different ingredients in the marinade, as well as various drying techniques.

The basic framework for most Beef Jerky Recipes is as follows: 1) start with thinly sliced beef (or whatever type of meat you have decided to use), 2)soak the slices in your homemade marinade for a period of anywhere between 4 hours and 3 days, and finally 3) dry it in the oven by using the lowest heat setting (between 100 and 160 degrees on most ovens) for about 4 to 8 hours. Common ingredients used to make the marinade include soy sauce, brown sugar, liquid smoke, salt, pepper, Worcestershire sauce and of course the ever popular teriyaki sauce. You can add cayenne pepper and/or cracked red pepper for spicier Jerky, or you can double up on the sugar or corn syrup if you prefer something sweeter. No matter what you put into your marinade, the trick is to be sure that all the meat is covered by the sauce while it soaking and that all the surface area of the meat is touching the marinade.

Most Beef Jerky Recipes call for Beef Brisket, but you can substitute any meat that you may prefer. It is a much more economical way to enjoy one of America’s favorite snacks. Jerky is perfect for camping, fishing, road trips or just sitting on the couch watching football. It is one of those snacks that you simply cannot grow tired of eating, young and old alike.