Beef Smokies

Americans love sports. Be it high school, college or professional; watching your favorite sporting events with friends and family is an American tradition. Watching sporting events will keep everyone entertained, so all you’ll need to do is keep them well-fed. Creating a sporty menu is half the fun! Fill your table with all time favorites such as beef smokies, nachos and buffalo wings!

At your party, foods should be easy to grab and go. Make up some Air Jordan Wings, Super Bowl Nachos and Backcourt Beef Smokies. Top off the post-game with a End Zone Sundae Bar, complete with a variety of fruit, nuts and candies for toppings. Serve everything up on sport themed plates and napkins, or alternately on party ware emblazoned with your favorite team’s logo. With the advent of internet party stores and large wholesale party stores, finding these materials, as well as banners, table cloths, color coordinated plastic utensils and centerpieces is easier than ever.

To make the sport’s snack bar menu, start with a package of beef smokies. Wrap your beef smokes in bacon for extra flavor. Wrap each beef smokie in a bacon slice and secure the overlapping ends with a toothpick. Do not use colored toothpicks as the color will bleed out of the toothpick. Place the wrapped beef smokies in a baking dish and sprinkle with brown sugar. Bake at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for 30 minutes or until bacon is crisp. These bacon-wrapped beef smokies are sure to hit a homerun with your guests.

This sporty menu will have all the fans at your party hoping the game goes into overtime. When you have friends over to watch an exciting sports game, they’re not looking for fancy food. The attention is on the game, not your fine cuisine. The food is meant to satisfy sports viewing induced hunger and the need to crunch and bite. And one last thing, if it can be managed without a utensil, that’s all the better since plates will be balanced on laps in front of your television.