Food for the Future!

Beef Jerky is one age old snack that just might prove to be the wave of the future. I’m not referring to the next freshman class at the prestigious institution of higher learning location in Malibu, nor am I trying to start a discussion about the great green hope that is supposed give renewed hope for energy crisis. I am simply asserting my assumptions regarding the ever prevalent possibility of famine. That’s right, famine. In a society of such enormous excess, the ancient biblical notion of a wide spread food shortage is mildly ridiculous or so far removed from our everyday lives that informative commercials about third world hunger strike most late night viewers as comical. I will be the first to admit that seeing a wrinkled and cracked Marsha Brady is more frightful and traumatizing than it is funny or hilarious, but if we are faced a serious food borne toxin that empties are grocer’s produce section or closes down our beloved fast food joints, then we will be forced to survive on canned goods and dried meat products. So, if living out of your local elementary school’s earthquake kits is not appealing to you then I suggest you invest in some top notch Beef Jerky.

Critics are quick to label these tasty bits of hickory magnificence as glorified astronaut food, us connoisseurs know that premier gourmet meat snacks are not only the solution to world hunger but also a great way to stave off a severe case of mad cow or killer tomatoes. Vegetables are over rated in my humble opinion. I am sick and tired of these modern health nuts that tell us we are two pomegranates and one cup of green tea away from a free radical free healthy immune system. What ever happened to an apple a day can someone please tell me that? Any dish can kill you if don’t cook it right and any food can save your life if you say the proper prayer prior to ingesting the it.