Save yourself time, money and heartache

Buy Jerky for yourself, for your children and for the future of our country. Many people were moved by the historic inauguration ceremonies this past week and hopefully the majority of those people will put their positive energy into action. Change has got to come out from the bottom up. Grassroots participation is the only way that our country is going to turn itself around or pick itself by its boot straps or whatever other metaphor you may choose to apply. Our new president has given a fresh face to the executive branch of our government but without widespread participation, the hope and change will be short lived.

Every year we make a laundry list of things we need to change, things we need to stop and things we need to do. We call them resolutions and spend the better part of winter feeling bad about the fact that we cannot stick to our lofty new expectations of ourselves. It’s the vicious cycle that allows fitness clubs to flourish; Starbucks’ expansion team take a brief hiatus from opening new stores and nicotine peddlers might notice a slight shift in the hours of cigarette purchases but the overall sales generally remain unchanged despite the millions of smokers who decided to quit for the new year.

It is about time we to start making more reasonable resolutions. Success is much more likely when the stakes are not so high. Changing all of your eating habits, for example, is quite a formidable take whereas swapping out one unhealthy snack food for another is simple, realistic and can even be fun and exciting if you make good choices. I suggest ditching the cookies the crackers and cheese and try a protein rich snack food that is both nutritious and delicious. Buy Jerky instead of the usual fat filled complex carbohydrates we like to munch on.